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Artist Support Program 

Jones Welsh mentors artists in creativity and non-profit business through his relationships with Art and Action and Not Man Apart.  Click for more information on the Current Productions of the Artist Support Program.

Fiscal Receivership

With the help of Not Man Apart (NMA), you can host your project as a non-profit venture.  NMA acts as a Federal Tax Exempt Fiscal Receiver for any emerging artist, performance group, event, or show. For a small negotiable fee (usually 5% of processed funds), MFP can be responsible for fiscally receiving select donations and grants and distributing them to the artist productions. Accurate financial records are maintained and reported regularly for all transactions, a business bank account as well as online Paypal account are active for fund receipt and payment needs. In addition, Jones will provide receipts of contribution from NMA to all donors and granters who contribute for tax-deductible purposes.

Take a look at our sample fiscal receiving contract: NMA Contract Fiscal Rec

Administrative Support

Art and Action provides mentorship in fundraising, income opportunities, creative expresion, event planning, and total health.  As a program of NMA, Art and Action assists with many administrative and managerial services for artists or performance groups to support a one-time or recurring production or event. Such services could include financial management, payment processing, rehearsal and performance scheduling, fundraising and event planning, grant writing, event ticketing, theatre or house management, and other general organizing.

Take a look at our sample fiscal receiving contract: AnA Co-Production Cotract

Non-Profit Transition

Jones will assist as a consultant any group or company who is ready to become a fully functioning non-profit 501c3 arts organization of their own. Jones will guide you, quickly and easily, through the process and the paperwork, as well as educate you on the necessary functioning and filing of your new tax-exempt organizations. This status can be extremely beneficial to any artist or group willing to take the simple steps to attain the income and sales tax-exemption that the government makes available to artists. In addition to assisting with the incorporation process, Jones can provide many resources to ensure that your company is prepared, demystified, and fully legal.

Click for more information on the Current Productions of the Artist Support Program.

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